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MEBAA business aviation airshow will be held this December in Dubai

MEBAA business aviation airshow will be held this December in Dubai

It will take place from December 8-10, 2020, at the DWC, Airshow Site in Dubai

MEBAA aviation show

One of the Middle East’s biggest business aviation platforms, the MEBAA Show, is scheduled to take place from December 8-10, 2020, at the DWC, Airshow Site in Dubai.

The show will feature thought-leadership seminars, networking opportunities for high-end travel operators and roundtable sessions with key stakeholders within the business aviation field.

“We are excited to announce the return of the MEBAA Show, which will be one of the first aviation industry events to run in physical form this year. We are continually monitoring the Covid-19 situation and are working to ensure all appropriate health and safety measures are in place. The health and safety of our exhibitors, attendees, and staff is our top priority,” said Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi, founder and executive chairman of The Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA).

“The 2020 edition will highlight the tremendous opportunities that business aviation presents. It will also showcase the trends that the market is witnessing this year, and how we expect this to unfold in 2021 and subsequent years. By 2037, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific will be the fastest growing markets, with an annual RPK growth rate of 5.7 per cent,” added Alnaqbi.

Pre-pandemic estimates suggested that there are approximately 800 private jets registered in the MENA region. “The UAE has around 145 registered private aircraft. There are many more aircraft that are based in the region, but are registered in Europe or someplace else. So, there are more than 1,500 private aircraft that actually operate in the MENA region,” Alnaqbi told Gulf Business recently.

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While commercial passenger flights are still staggered, private aviation has reportedly witnessed a greater demand over the past few weeks. New customers are choosing to fly private because of health concerns and the increased safety that it offers over flying on commercial flights.

Alnaqbi said that some business aviation firms were facing serious liquidity crunch following the pandemic.

On behalf of approximately 270 MEBAA members, he has already written letters petitioning governments across the region for assistance to the industry to weather the pandemic.

Alnaqbi added that a key part of business aviation’s recovery will be based on cooperation. “By attending the MEBAA Show, organisations will have the chance to meet business aircraft manufacturers, avionics firms, completion centers, charter companies and aircraft resellers who will display their latest products and services.”

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