Key decisions: How to best invest in or purchase a property

There’s a rising number of property management firms available to cater to demand, but are they all equal?


What are the key steps to prepare for your retirement

Start saving early to get a head start towards financial security during your retirement


Digital minimalism: How much technology do we really need?

It is imperative to understand the technology needed to support our lifestyle and needs and cut out the rest

Alan’s corner: How to adopt a long-term perspective when building your legacy

Markets evolve, as do customers, creating the need for an organisation to continuously adapt

How to determine and increase pricing power

Innovation and specialisation are key to determine your pricing power

Alan’s corner: What makes a great CEO?

It’s not just about leadership or commercial acumen, there’s much more to it than that

Dubai’s real estate market on a positive growth trajectory

The market is seeing a rise in first-time buyers, taking 80 per cent loan-to-value mortgages, payment plans and offers from developers

How Abu Dhabi is offering an expansive portfolio of affordable communities

The emirate’s sustainable communities come with high projected rental yields

How to enable proximity triggers to work

Start by identifying the character you want to emulate

Dubai’s real estate market backed by strong buyer appetite

Husni Al Bayari, chairman and founder of D&B Properties as well as portal, houza, shares his outlook for the real estate sector

How going digital is the best way forward

A digital revolution is taking shape, helping companies become more innovative, sustainable and resilient

Cover Story: How Informa Markets is putting the Middle East region on the global map

From being hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic to organising LEAP22, Mike Champion and Annabelle Mander of Informa Markets, tell us how their company’s resilience has helped them successfully deliver some of the region’s top live events

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Explainer: Is the UAE ready to mainstream nearly zero energy buildings?

Green building strategies can be used to design and build healthy, comfortable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly living and working environments

Alan’s corner: New year, curtains up

Start the year on a positive note; bring your team together to appreciate their past efforts and share the business targets for the year ahead

Here are five steps to increase your followers on Instagram

Instagram in particular, is a social media platform that ranks supreme when it comes to its potential as a marketing tool, especially amongst B2C brands

Here are three successful viral campaigns to take inspiration from

Viral campaigns can’t be forced, they happen organically and are the result of connecting with audiences on a personal level

Supply chain woes: Crisis peak is a mirage

The fragile global trading system faces months of additional pain and remains at risk of collapsing again from even one unforeseen shock

Alan’s corner: Situational leadership

As leaders, we have to treat each and every task we set for our people as being different

Alan’s corner: Put your people first

The biggest challenge for organisations is achieving consistency

Cover story: Dubai-based lawyer Shai Zamanian on how he is helping people migrate to the US

Zamanian aims to support families worldwide via immigration to the US. Here’s how he is bringing his goal to fruition

Are select tech companies determining our digital lives?

The manner in which our digital lives operate today has been engineered in boardrooms to serve the interests of a select group of technology investors

Building an environment for safe innovation

Innovation is essential for every organisation and your culture needs to support an environment where it is encouraged, but not in a reckless or sloppy way

Alan’s corner: How companies can build their unique proposition

Differentiation and relevance of your proposition now has to be considered in a wider context

How staying less connected reduces stress

None of us enjoys a culture of always being connected if it spirals out of control

Digital transformation will lead to a cleaner future

While sustainability is the future, digital transformation is a key enabler supporting industries make the transition

Why management is both an art and a science

The more managers are boxed in by their inbox, the more they are disconnected with their teams

Alan’s corner: Why companies must build their unique proposition

There is often an over-emphasis in this region on price as if it was the most important factor in a deal

Cover story: Why Virtuzone’s executives believe startups must emulate UAE for long-term success

The UAE has meticulously crafted its position as a startup hub, and similar to any venture, the path to reach the top has not been easy. In an exclusive, business setup company Virtuzone’s leaders elaborate on why they are convinced by its proposition

Five tips to re-energise your social media feed

With attention spans getting shorter and competition getting tougher, there is a constant need to keep social media content fresh and exciting

How ‘digital’ is the way forward for insurance providers in the UAE

The insurance industry has to adopt a digital customer-centric approach to ensure long-term growth